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Closing the Gap With Moby Max!

Why Use MobyMax Placement?

We are excited to share what Don Pedro Elementary is doing to help close student achievement gaps with the use of MobyMax. Our site has replaced the previous paid program called Math Inventory with the use of the adaptive and diagnostic placement tests available in MobyMax. This is viable for our site because it is easy to read the data, simple to use and we are all able to dissect what exact standards were gained or lost. This information assists in the preparation of intervention in and out of the classroom.

The achievement gap takes many forms, and there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. What works for one student won’t work for all. However, by meeting the individual needs of our students with the data provided, we can give them the boost to perform at higher levels of rigor.

How to Assign the Placement Test

First the classroom teacher or invention teacher will need to assign the placement test. (This is after the initial diagnostic placement test they are required to take during the first log on.)

After signing into your teacher account, select “Moby Learning.”

Click the subject area button (math, language, or reading).

Click “Placement.”

Check the box to the right of the student’s name under the “assign new test.”

Click “assign new test” button.

Select “Test all skills” or “Test just missing skills.”

Click “Assign.”

Finding Results

There are two ways to get to your reports. First, you may enter reports through Moby Learning under the math tile. Once there you will see a snapshot of all student progress and be able to click on each student to see their growth. Under the placement tab, you can then see students' individual math levels and how many standards were gained and lost.

How to Interpret Reports

Once students have taken the placement test, teachers can log in and see which specific standards or skills students have missed along their educational journey.

Next Steps

After students take the adaptive placement test, MobyMax will automatically assign lessons based on the standards that they missed during the test. At first, these lessons might appear to be below a student's grade level because MobyMax is filling in skill gaps. Additionally, if a student does very well on the placement test the lessons might be challenging.

If you need to change the difficulty of a student’s lessons in Moby, you can delete the placement test, reassign the placement test or manually assign lessons.

With MobyMax students have personalized learning which provides them with educational opportunities that are tailored to their needs. Furthermore, this personalized learning allows students to pace themselves, find new challenges independently, and use the resources provided that will lead them to be college and career ready.

Student Investment

We are trying to build student investment by building deeper relationships and fostering a growth mindset for our students. We are transparent with our students and they are eager to see how many standards they have gained and or lost. We even have students in our classes that ask to retake the placement test because they were having a bad day and knew they could do better. This is how we can start to close the achievement gap, student by student and standard by standard. In previous placement tests used the students and teachers never really did anything with the data. Too often students will complete a task but never reflect back upon the process or what they learned. Now we are all part of the teaching and learning process.

P.S. Did you know that this year, your school’s MobyMax license includes real swag for your kiddos who use MobyMax the most?

The Big Bang New Year Kickoff contest is about to start, and three students in every class that participates will win a coveted Moby hat, bag, or t-shirt.

You can get your class started now:

1) Log in to your Moby teacher account.

2) Click "Real Rewards."

3) Choose a start date and follow the prompts to set up your contest.

4) Have your kids start working in Moby. At the end of each week, you'll be able to run a raffle, and one of your students will win a real prize.

The last day to start a Big Bang New Year Kickoff contest is February 3, so don't wait.

Stay Techie,

Allyssa Bossard

5th Grade Teacher, Don Pedro Elementary

Veronica Carrera

6th Grade Teacher, Don Pedro Elementary

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