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Classroom Management Made Easy

Greetings, this is Laura Young, one of the three Summer School EdTech TOSA's here to introduce you to a great tool you might have missed out on learning about earlier this year, Classroomscreen!

It's a great tech tool for reinforcing your expectations, routines, and procedures. It can also help support student learning, manage classroom tasks, and increase engagement, helping your students to stay on task! It is easy to setup and use, so I hope you will take a few moments to check it out today!

Management and engagement tools include:

  • Timers and Clocks

  • Random Name Selector (use first names only)

  • Sound/Voice Volume Meter

  • Embed Media and Insert Text

  • and much more!

*Use Classroomscreen without an account, or sign up for free to get access to more functionalities.


One Small Caveat: Classroom Screen is for teacher use only. Please make sure that no student information is provided (student first names are okay), and that students do not create accounts or log in to the site.


To Get Started with ClassroomScreen follow these steps:

  1. Go to

  2. Click the Launch button

  3. Add tools and widgets to your screen appropriate for your classroom students/ task

  4. Customize color, size, etc.

  5. Display!

Ideas on Classroom Integration:

  • Pair informational media with content-specific questions that students will need to respond to

  • Use Dice Widget to pose a set of numbers students use to create a math problem, equation, or situation

  • Display tasks, learning expectations, and success criteria during small group instruction or independent work

  • Provide visuals and countdown timers to help students maintain effective learning environments

If you need any additional support with educational tools please feel free to contact your SS EdTech TOSA.

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