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Celebrate Presidents' Day Digitally!

With Presidents' Day right around the corner, think about incorporating one of these digital activities with your students!

Create a 360 Virtual Reality Tour

Students can create a digital story about what life be like to be President living in the White House by using Google Tour Creator. This tool allows you to create your own VR tour of The White House (or anywhere else!). Try typing in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to explore inside and outside of the White House. Students (or teachers) can also create a collection of scenes of various presidential homes. The possibilities are endless!

"Guess Who?" Presidents Style Game

We all have fond memories of playing the popular game Guess Who?, so why not bring it to your classroom?! Former CA Teacher of the Year Finalist, Amanda Sandoval, created a Guess Who? game in Google Slides that can easily be adapted to test your knowledge on Presidential facts. Click HERE to make your own copy of the game board to share out with students. Try having students create game boards of different Presidents (there are 24 boxes for 24 Presidents) to play with a partner.

Techie Timeline

Students can use this template to display of a list of events in a selected president's life in chronological order. Have them customize it by changing the font style, colors, and even adding pictures!

Head on over to The Techie Teacher blog for even more ideas!


Stay Techie,

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