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Canva Visuals for Learning

Canva allows you to create logos, flyers, newsletters, presentations, and design pretty much anything! But did you know that they have a plethora of resources that can be used for visuals for learning in the classroom?! All you have to do is search "flashcards" and you can view all kinds of different visuals that can be used to support all learners!

These visual templates can be used for virtual word walls, lessons, flashcards, SEL and ELD integration, small group activities, and tier one and two intervention. The list of possibilities are endless! There are wide range of choices for grade levels and content areas. Check them out and see what ideas you can come up with to integrate them in your own classroom! Feeling creative? Make your own from scratch or find a template and modify it!

If you haven't already used Canva, you are missing out! Check out our blog post, We Have Canva for Education to get started with a Canva Education premium account to get started!

Stay Techie,

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