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Bye Bye Jamboard…Hello Canva on the Whiteboard App

Jamboard, which is a digital interactive whiteboard developed by Google is leaving. What to do without it???? Start using Canva with your myViewBoard Whiteboard App on your Viewsonic Interactive TV!

Here’s how to make it happen:

1. Create your Design in Canva

  • Go to Canva’s website and design your graphics, diagrams, or any visual content you want to use in your whiteboard presentation

2. Download your Canva Design

  • Once your design is ready, download it as a jpg file type from Canva to your device

  • Take the file out of compressed files and move it to your desktop

3. Import the Design into your myViewBoard Whiteboard App:

  • Open your whiteboard app

  • Locate the Magic Box on the toolbar and click to open it

  • Click on the file folder icon at the top left.

  • Navigate to the location where your Canva design is stored

  • Click and drag the design file onto your whiteboard canvas or double click it to import it into your whiteboard

4. Manipulate the imported Design

  • Once your design is imported, you can manipulate the size, position, and orientation of your Canva design within the whiteboard app

  • Some whiteboard apps might allow you to annotate on the imported images, adding additional information or drawings.

Stay Techie,

Kelly Linhares

Instructional Coach, TOSA

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