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Breakout Rooms Tips and Tricks

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Have you tried Breakout Rooms on Zoom with your students? Breakout Rooms can provide increased opportunities for social interactions, teamwork, and much much more! Check out tips and tricks we have gathered over the past few weeks regarding Breakout Rooms:

Establish expectations. Before you send students to a breakout room, set up some expectations! Consider using this resource.

Establish roles. Give each participant a role/job while they are in a Breakout Room. Here are some types of jobs students can have.

Encourage student collaboration. Give students a clear task before sending them to breakout rooms, since they won’t be able to see whatever you previously shared in the main session. Share a Google or Kami document with the class that holds all the questions you want them to answer, and designate a space under each question for each group/Breakout Room's answer. You can monitor the Google or Kami document in real-time as students work. Customize this example with a graphic organizer that fits your needs! ***Slides Mania just released this template!

Bounce around between Breakout Rooms. Check in on your students to see if they have any questions and to monitor the work that is being complete.

Show students the "Ask for Help" button. Inform students they can request your assistance by privately inviting you to their Breakout Room if need.

Other Considerations:

  • Let students choose their Breakout Room partner or group members!

  • Students have screen sharing and chat features available to them in Breakout Rooms! Have them use this to their advantage...

  • Alternate hosts do not have the ability to setup Breakout Rooms :(

  • Unfortunately, we have not had much luck to pre-assigning students to breakout rooms!

Just getting started with Breakout Rooms? Check out this resource on how to get started using Breakout Rooms with your students.

Stay Techie,

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