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Break the Ice with BreakoutEDU!

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Looking for something to break the ice when your students return in person?? Try BreakoutEDU!

We now have a district license to the BreakoutEDU digital platform that gives you access to hundreds of digital breakout games and activities! There is a breakout game for almost every subject and grade level. There are even SEL games!

Search for games aligned to standards by following these steps:

Can't find a game to meet your needs? Design your own! Click here to learn more about what the digital BreakoutEDU platform has to offer.

Head on over to, login with Google, and follow these steps:

1) Sign up (this may start as a trial).

2) Once you are in click "May Account" on the left hand side.

3) Towards the bottom right click in the box under "Have a code to Redeem?"

4) Find your school's access or upgrade code by clicking here and copy the code.

5) Enter the code (paste it) in the box under "Have a code to Redeem?"

Get your school upgrade code by clicking here.

If you would prefer to bypass these steps and have your EdTech add your account, please reach out to your site EdTech.

Stay Techie,

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