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Break Out of Boring Classrooms with Breakout/Escape Rooms!

Breakout/Escape rooms are a great way to get students engaged in content, whether new or old. They are also a great opportunity to get students off of Chromebooks and collaborating with each other. Escape rooms also allow for a fun narrative that can really make your students feel like Indiana Jones or Nancy Drew!

You can create hands-on Breakout/Escape rooms with a kit, or they can be digital. The hands-on version has kids solving puzzles individually or as a team to come up with combinations or codes to complete their objective. The hands-on version can aslo be done many different ways depending on how you’d like to use it: as review, team-building and cooperation among students, or as an extension activity.

The digital versions are done entirely on Chromebooks and can be completed using Google Forms or Google Slides. Digital versions can be done individually or as a team. You can even do a mix of the two and have a Chromebook version with an actual box to unlock at the end!

For more information on Breakouts/Escape rooms, check out this BreakoutEDU/ Escape Room slide deck. You an also find more resources at by searching BreakoutEdu.

Stay techie!

Danelle McMillen

Science Teacher

Mae Hensley Junior High

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