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BrainingCamp 101

Math manipulatives are now at your fingertips! Introducing BrainingCamp 101. BrainingCamp is a digital platform for all things Math manipulatives. The best part is that your students also have access to the manipulatives. BrainingCamp can be accessed via Clever, then by clicking on the BrainingCamp icon. The program offers digital manipulatives such as Base Ten Blocks, Algebra Tiles, Clocks, Fraction Tiles, GeoBoards, and so much more. There are tutorial videos that demonstrate how to use the manipulatives with your students and tasks that can be completed with your class.

I provide Math support to multiple grade levels throughout the day. BrainingCamp allows me access to a variety of manipulatives that are beneficial to the support of my students. Whether we are adding and subtracting with Base Tens block or adding and subtracting fractions with Fraction Tiles, everything I need is in one location. AND!!! Clean-up is fast and easy…. You just select the “Clear All” button and close the program.

Explore the world of Math manipulatives. Your students will thank you. :)

Stay Techie,

Tamara Mendonca

Math Intervention Teacher

Sam Vaughn Elementary

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