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Assistive Technology Tool: Read&Write by Texthelp

Read&Write is a literacy program that offers a variety of tools designed to aid students with both reading comprehension and writing skills. I have found this tool to be an incredibly useful study tool. This program is easy to install, simple to use, and best of all: it’s completely free! 

Some useful features include:

  • Read PDF’s, Word documents, and the web out loud

  • Create MP3s and listen to your documents on the go

  • Collect highlighted text to create an instant reference sheet

  • Dictation

  • Dictionary

  • Word prediction

  • Spelling and grammar check

You can see the quick overview below with a quick reference to all of the tools on the toolbar. 

Read&Write is available on Windows and Mac devices and is supported on Edge, Firefox, and Chrome as a Chrome Extension.

Texthelp has provided an exhaustive playlist of tutorial videos for each tool that Read&Write offers. You can watch the tutorial videos on how to use each tool.

Read&Write could help students in a classroom setting by addressing some barriers that students face. Here are a few ways in which this tool can be helpful for students:

  • Students who struggle with decoding words and comprehending text can use the text-to-speech feature to have the text read aloud to them to help with reading comprehension and reduce reading fatigue.

  • English Learners who struggle with reading, writing, and vocabulary in English can use the translation feature to help them understand English text by providing quick translations of unfamiliar words.

  • This tool can support language acquisition and integration into the English-speaking classroom and provide students with multiple means of representation to provide options for comprehension.

  • Students are able to access grade-level content and participate actively in class discussions.

Some challenges with using this tool would be adjusting to the new technology and the need for ongoing support and training for students. Students might also become over reliant on these tools, if not used appropriately. 

Stay Techie!

Maria Figueroa

Math Teacher

Ceres High School

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