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Artificial Intelligence for Students!

There is a newly released tool that can help students interact with generative AI as well as other AI tools. Magic School AI has released Magic Student--this tool has been developed for students with school use in mind. Imagine having the ability to receive feedback on writing, talk to a historical figure, or use a chatbot with student safeguards in place!

Getting your students started with Magic School is easy! Simply log in and click the 'Launch for Students' button. This will take you to the 'Student Rooms' page. Click 'Launch New Room' and choose the Magic School tools you want your students to access. Once selected, click 'Launch Room.' You'll then receive a secure link to share with your students. When they click the link, they'll enter their name and gain access to the AI tools you've given them access to. 

As with all new technology tools, please review safe use practices with your students. Magic School has a presentation to help you introduce the use of Magic Students with your class. It can be accessed at this link: Welcome to MagicSchool AI! Student Lesson Slides (Make a Copy).

Stay Techie,

Antonio Garcia

3rd Grade Teacher

Lucas Elementary Dual Language Academy

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