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Annotate From Home!

Hey all! So, for those of you meeting with your amazing kiddos via the Zoom App, check out the Annotation and Whiteboard tools (if you haven't already)!

Annotation allows you to draw on a shared screen, and Whiteboard allows you to write on a blank shared screen everyone can see. Last week, as I was familiarizing myself with Zoom, I discovered this tool and how much more instructional help I could provide my students without being in the classroom.

My grade level and I uploaded the majority of the students' take-home work, as PDFs in our shared drive. To incorporate this tool, I ask my students in our Live Chat if they have questions about their work; if so, I find the matching PDF copy they are inquiring about, and share my screen. I then annotate using my Surface Pro pen as needed/reteach/roll out a mini lesson etc. This approach allows them to not just hear, but also see physically, what concepts you may be trying to get across in a more specified manner.

I do suggest taking the time to play around and practice using these tools on your Surface; but, I guarantee it will pay off, and generate comfort and peace of mind for your students who are unsure of themselves as they strive to grow in their learning, during these unpleasant times. For more information, check out this post from the Zoom Help Center. Enjoy and have fun!

Stay Techie,

Melinda Berry

5th Grade Teacher, Don Pedro Elementary

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