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Animated Engagement

Updated: Feb 8

Looking to spice up your lessons or slides? Instead of using still Bitmojis, you can put videos of your actual self into your lessons! Using the tool,, it allows you to upload videos (or even pictures!) and have the background erased!

Taking the video is simple! I just used my cell phone and then emailed my video to myself! Then I downloaded the video to my computer. Next, I went to Unscreen and uploaded my video. The program will automatically removed the background and you can then place the final product into slides! Here is how to remove the background and place video into Google Slides in just a few steps:

For one of my ELD lessons on verbs straight from the Benchmark ELD book, I spiced up a lesson to increase engagement by uploading videos of me doing actions such as dancing, clapping, kicking, jumping etc. and the kids had to state the verb Ms. Brooks was partaking in.

Here is a copy of my lessons: ELD RR Lesson 2. I have also used this trick in our P.E. slides as shown in the video above!

Students love to see us in our slides and it keeps them excited and engaged to see me moving on the screen! There are so many fun things you can do with this website and there are so many ways to incorporate yourself into your lessons and slides.

Stay Techie,

Kristin Brooks

1st Grade Teacher

Adkison Elementary

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