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All About Me in Storyboard That

Hello there! This is Craig Tornquist, one of your Summer School EdTech TOSA’s. Today I am excited to share with you another great idea for getting to know your students and building your classroom community! All Ceres students have access to Storyboard That and can login through Clever. There are some premade templates available for K-2, 3-5, and a template that will even allow for students to work collaboratively!

If you are an out of district teacher and would like your students to use one of the three templates I have described, your students can find the premade assignment in the Google Classroom I created specifically for this assignment at:

Alternatively, your students can create their own template to create their All About Me display in Storyboard That, and then share their creations with you by downloading their creations and posting them to an assignment you have created on your own Google Classroom.

If you need any additional support with educational tools please feel free to contact your SS EdTech TOSA.

Stay Techie,

Craig Tornquist


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