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3 Way to Engage Students in Reading Small Groups

Integrating interactive screens in the classroom can enhance reading intervention. Interactive screens can host a variety of engaging reading activities such as, comprehension games, phonics exercises, and vocabulary-building activities. These activities can make reading interventions more dynamic and enjoyable for students, increasing their motivation to participate and learn.

1. MyViewBoard Whiteboard, a tool on the interactive whiteboard, has a "Participate Mode" tool that allows you to have more than one student showing their work at a time.

2. Pear Deck Flashcard Factory engages students in collaborative learning through the creation of digital flashcards, providing a fun way for reviewing material and reinforcing learning.

3. Students can interact with text using the annotation tools on the interactive display.

Stay Techie,

Allyssa Bossard

K-6th Grade

Reading Intervention Teacher 

Don Pedro

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